About Us

Our Honda “Green” Jets are the most technologically advanced light jets in the world. They fly higher, further, faster, quieter, carry more payload, larger luggage capacity and have a larger cabin presence. Our jets burns considerably less fuel and are nearly carbon neutral. Not only is this great for the environment, but it also allows us to pass less fuel costs on to our clients which translates to a lower cost per flight hour.

Sit back and relax as our jets are equipped with all the ammenities you need. A fully inclosed lavatory, light snacks and drinks are included on every flight. Or request your favorite alcoholic beverages and we will have them waiting for you as you board your private jet.

The Honda Jet is ideal for 2 to 6 passengers on flights of 3 hours or less. We have larger jets available for longer flights.

We fly anywhere in the US, Canada, Caribbean and most destinations in Mexico.

We are Swift Jets and we're making private flights affordable.

The Swift Jets Difference

Tom Cruise flies James Corden in his personally owned Honda Jet Elite.

  • 8 occupants ( 2 pilots) 6 passengers
  • 4 Spacious Club Seats, with 2 smaller jump sets
  • Club chairs have pull out tables for a lap top or for food/drinks
  • Fully enclosed private lavatory with two sky lights, sink with running water
  • Maximum long range cruise speed of 485 MPH, Top speed over 500 MPH
  • Maximum Range, 4 occupants NBAA IFR range (with fuel reserves), =1780 miles
  • Flight Level Max Cruise Altitude 43,000 feet
  • Most fuel efficient jet in it's class (Green Jet Emission friendly)
  • Quietest jet in it’s class
  • Wifi and phone service on all flights
  • Advanced Sound and lighting system
  • Argus Platinum Rated. IS-BAS Stage 2.
  • All flights have one Captain and one First Officer with FAA Airline Transport Pilot certificates.
  • All pilots are required to take a minimum of 10 days off per month to ensure a rested flight crew. Our pilots are amognst the highest paid in the industry which allows us to choose the “cream of the crop"
  • Equipped with the most advanced avionic systems available for weather, traffic & terrain avoidance.
  • Garmin 3000, State of the art, avionics package with Large Touch screens are standard for all our Honda Jets.
  • State of the art rapid decompression mitigation system. In the extremely unlikely event of a rapid decompression event, the Honda Jet automatically initiates a high speed rapid decent to 10,000 feet without any pilot intervention.
  • Automated Anti-Ice, Lighting and Pressurization Systems on every Honda Jet decreases pilot work load.
  • Majority of our Honda Jet aircraft are less than 4 years old. All of our Honda Jets are served by authorized Honda Jet Service centers and meticulously maintained per the Manufacturers guidelines.